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Using contact lenses is a convenient alternative to regular glasses, which significantly limit the scope of activities available for people with vision defects. Naturally, the decision if a given patient should change glasses for contact lenses belongs to the optician – a contact lens specialist. In most cases it is not a problem. However, if you are using contact lenses every day, you need to care for them regularly using appropriate lens solutions. This is because care solutions and disinfectant solutions are necessary for keeping contact lenses in an appropriate condition. Without cleaning, they would quickly get damaged, causing a significant decrease in vision quality.

Types of lens solutions

A lens solution, regardless of whether it is a care solution or a disinfectant solution, should be a basis of the daily care regimen of all types of contact lenses except daily disposables. It is worth noting that there are many types of lens solutions and not each one of them will be appropriate for the lenses you are using. Not all care solutions are the same. In addition, disinfectant solutions may also significantly differ from lens care solutions. In general, all lens solutions have disinfectant properties, but not all of them may be called multipurpose solutions. Multipurpose solutions not only clean and disinfect but also repel protein debris that accumulates on the lens surface.

Lens solutions have various compositions, which results in varying effects they have on contact lenses and on wearers' eyes. Among various classifications, the most basic ones differentiate between two main types: soft lens solutions and hard lens solutions. You cannot use solutions for hard lenses with soft lenses and the other way round, as you could damage the lenses. Lens solutions also come as two- or one-phase solutions. One-phase solutions have two main functions – they clean and disinfect the lenses. You can also use them to store contact lenses by filling contact lens cases with them. In turn, two-phase lens solutions entail the use of two separate solutions. A disinfectant solution will disinfect the lenses, and a separate care solution will be appropriate for lens storage. Two-phase solutions are used incredibly rarely nowadays. One-phase care solutions, i.e. multipurpose solutions are the ones that are used most often. 

Why is it so important to use care solutions?

Using lens solutions is indispensable in contact lens wear, as they are the only preparations capable of effectively cleaning contact lenses and storing them in appropriate conditions. Lens solutions are also the only substances used for filling lens cases for contact lens storage. Only the use of disinfectant solutions allows to repel protein deposits or any other debris. The only situation when the use of lens solutions is not required is when you are using daily disposable lenses. 

Most popular manufacturers of lens solutions

Among popular manufacturers of contact lens solutions we should list:

  • SEE L`EAU: EyeCare Synergie – a multipurpose solution for all contact lens types that guarantees full protection of both the lenses and the eye; EyeCare UltraFlex – a lens solution guaranteeing full eye and lens protection; EyeCare Comfort+ - a lens solution that nourishes and supports the self-regenerative properties of the cornea

  • Bausch&Lomb: ReNu MultiPlus - a multipurpose lens solution for all contact lens types;  Biotrue - a multipurpose solution combining a unique technology inspired by the biology of the human eye and a double disinfection system

  • Alcon: Opti Free - a multipurpose disinfectant solution for all soft contact lenses

  • Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision): SOLOCARE Aqua - a multipurpose contact lens solution; AoSept Plus – a one-phase oxidative care solution for all contact lens types.